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la tiendita


Jon and I have been working hard on the new space here in Austin and we are finally opening our doors!
This Friday evening JM DRYGOODS MARFA will host a Grand Opening party at 607 Nueces St. in AUSTIN, TEXAS. The shop is in an old house close to downtown just across the street from RANCH 616 and the soon to open RATTLE INN. It feels ALMOST like JM in Marfa and I am so happy to recreate it in this place. I am also super excited to debut SILLA, a line of beautifully handcrafted furniture from our very own Marfa, Texas. Silla is an wonderful, small workshop crafting handmade, thoughtful designs with an authentic Modern West Texas sensibility. I am also proud to continue to offer MARFA BRANDS SOAPS AND GLASSWARE!

And of course, the travels to Oaxaca have brought to Texas some AMAZING artisans including MASTER EMBROIDERER Odilon Morales (DUERMO CON MIS HUIPILES!) of ARTE AMUZGO and my heart of hearts CARACO DE FUEGO CERAMICS from Oaxaca’s eminent  ceramic artist OMAR HERNANDEZ. There is so much to tell you about. Please come by this Friday evening. I wish I could have all of Marfa and OAXACA there loitering out front, but if you happen to be in Austin, do stop in, have a sip of tequila and hang out on the front porch with me and SILLA and Jon and of course JACK MAVERICK. You are always welcome round here!

moroccan bedcover as fab wrap for Mr. Bobby Johns


Basha Burwell sets up studio at JM in Marfa


Our dear pal and jeweler exquisite, Basha Burwell from Upstate Maine has set up in Jm Dry Goods this winter.

You can find her there most days braving the cold with a propane tank, an acetylene torch and few Rolling Stone records. When in Marfa, stop by and take a look at her smart, cool, beautiful designs.

Sight Unseen follows JM DRY GOODS to Mexico

See us on

Online Mag follows us down to the border and beyond to see what we get up to on our shopping trips to OJ.
Most fun!


Just arrived. A big bag of colorful hammocks from my friends in Merida’.

spring tees

just in!

crazy wind-The Chinati

There is a wall of dust surrounding the land in front of El Cosmico (my front yard) and the wind is howling out here in West Texas today like a madman. Its crazy! This one has a scary personality.

March brings the WIND. Like you have never felt. It drives us crazy, uneasy…unsettled. But today, this one is exciting! There’s a celebratory feeling around town. Maybe because this particular wind is so determined and angry, a real bastard. We were just talking the other night at Padre’s about how our Marfa wind needs a The Santa Annas in California or The Scirocco in Africa, reputedly so strong and maddening a wind that husbands are let off from beating their wives and a more lenient sentence given to those driven to murder. I’ll call this wind The Chinati.
For me, the wind drives me to think of other places. Traveling. Blowing around the world with a good book and a bag. India.
Guatemala. Thailand. Cambodia……Morocco….

New at JM

We just returned from a shopping trip and we have some cool new things! Next week, heading down to Mexico with Marfa Brands pal Ginger to scour for Topo and Sol bottles, take pictures, drink micheladas and eat the best and spiciest Aqua Chiles (seafood cocktails) I have ever tasted.

While we are there, we will be sure to pick up some JM favorites including…Roooster belts, Classicos Matches, scapulars, pottery, the virgin statues we love and whatever other fab treasures we come across! I am on the hunt for more Iguana Balm and some nice Copal for burning. Check in next week for new photos and adventures from the Border! In the meantime, stop by the shop if you are in town and see what’s new. See you there!