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Bedtime Ritual Tea - Tisana Marigold Tisane


Specially blended Grief Relief Tisane using all organic botanicals for your nightly ritual

When you are hit by a wave of grief, it affects all of your systems. Your entire body feels the effects as much as your emotions...aches and pains, circular thinking, de-hydration, anxiety and sleeplessness leaving you feeling depleted and stranded

Taking care of yourself with a calming bed-time tea ritual can help to relax your mind and body so you can get some rest

This soothing infusion was blended to calm mind, body and grieving spirit with Marigolds and Golden Chamomile as magical and healing guides. An especially relaxing, aromatic and hydrating tisane to sip before bed 










Marigolds- Flor de Muerto "Flowers of the Dead"  This sacred flower is used all around the world as an offering. Marigolds adorn pathways and Day of the Dead altars, guiding souls with their enticing fragrance and bright color. A magical and healing flower, Marigolds are packed with anti-oxidants, fight inflammation, support and comfort the heart and are said to give protection while sleeping

Chamomile- A "Panacea", Chamomile is considered the plant "cure all." Improves digestion, boosts immunity, reduces inflammation, promotes heart health & restfulness. Relieves tension, circular thoughts and induces calm and sleepiness. Thought to have magical powers

Peppermint- Inhaling peppermint steam is invigorating, clearing and up-lifting. Contains menthol to decrease fever, a natural muscle relaxant relieves aches and pains; soothes an upset stomach

Lemon Balm- Eases Insomnia, soothes stress and anxiety, elevates mood and improves sleep 

Rosehips- Counters stress and benefits the vascular system (good for the heart)

Elderberries- A powerful anti-oxidant, helps reduce oxidative stress in your body and supports your immune system

Hibiscus- Nature's most hydrating and delicious flower, packed with vitamin c, minerals & anti-oxidants; boosts immunity, reduces stress, soothes anxiety and contains flavonoids that help fight depression. A Super-Botanical, Hibiscus petals have a refreshing, tart and tropical flavor & pleasing pink color 



2 oz/57g packed in compostable, vegetable cellulose bag & black reusable tin 

Bring to a boil and steep 5-7 minutes. Brew before bed as part of your nightly ritual or any time of day, hot or chilled. Makes a beautiful and refreshing iced beverage

*As with all herbs, consult your physician before use or if pregnant or nursing

All ingredients are sourced from an American grower and distributor in Oregon and are organically farmed, sustainably sourced, and certified Fair Trade 

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